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Why You Should Consider Valuing a Business

Whether you’re buying, selling, or you want to expand in the near future, valuing a business is essential so that you can make informed decisions. However, the process requires more than simply reviewing your balance sheet, and it may not be as straightforward as you think, which is why we offer comprehensive online business valuations for small to medium enterprises. You can select a business appraisal package that suits your requirements. Our quality valuation service provides you with a detailed report highlighting vital information such as your business’s value, risks, and how to increase your value. These services are beneficial for assisting with company restructures, business disputes, sales and purchases.


Benefits of Business Valuations

You can enjoy numerous benefits when you enlist our professional business valuation service.

Valuing A Business • You can know the value of your company’s assets: Every business owner should have an accurate business assessment and valuation of company assets, including goodwill. You can then ensure that you have the right insurance plan, and you can provide potential investors with accurate and detailed information when you want to secure more funds.
• You can find out your company’s resale value: Whether you’re considering selling your company in the near future or ten years, you can get a better idea of what your business is worth so that you can start planning for the sale. If you’re thinking of selling immediately, a professional valuation by a reputable company can also give you the knowledge and resources that you require to negotiate a higher price with your buyer. Alternatively, you can have the potential to increase your value when selling in the long term.
• You can get a more accurate understanding of your company’s value: A valuation can ensure that you have greater knowledge and a more accurate understanding of your company's value than an estimate. This information can let you know how much to reinvest into your company. We can give you insight into your business’s financial value and risk analysis and provide you with tips for increasing your company’s value.
We provide exceptional and efficient business valuations online.


Reasons to Get a Professional Business Valuation

There are numerous reasons to get an online business appraisal aside from wanting to sell.

Employees Discussing Business Valuations • To plan your estate: When you want to pass your business onto the next generation, a valuation can aid you in your succession strategy. This information can give you more control and insight into the best time for the next person to take charge of the business. It is also critical for tax purposes as a detailed valuation report is useful when defending your company’s value to the ATO.
• For acquisitions and mergers: Knowing your business’s value before being approached by another company for a merger is beneficial in ensuring that you get the best price. Most companies will want to acquire your business for as little money as possible. However, proving how much your business is worth, the extent of its growth so far, and its projected value can put you in a better position for negotiation.
• To create an employee share ownership plan: An ESOP allows employees to buy shares in the business at a set price. You are required to have a yearly valuation to determine the share price. The benefit of creating an ESOP for business owners is gaining capital when you don’t want to take your company public and tax advantages.
Other reasons to get a professional valuation include better management of your business, accessing more investors, planning for retirement, and defending your value in court.


What You Should Know About Business Valuation Services

We use the most applicable business valuation method to suit your requirements.

Best Business Valuation Method • Future maintainable earnings (FME): This method is commonly used for businesses with a steady growth history and forecast for the future, non-finite lives, and regular capital expenditure requirements. The technique estimates the future maintainable earnings, which is capitalised at a suitable rate to reflect risk, outlook, investor expectations, and other entity-specific factors to value shares or the business.
• Discounted cash flow (DCF): A DCF method may be suitable for businesses in the start-up phase, have a limited life, experience regular cash flows or are experiencing growth. The business value is calculated at the end of the future cash flow period and discounted using an applicable rate to give a current value.
• Net tangible assets: A company where most of their assets are passive investments or cash may have their business valued using the net tangible assets method. The basis of this valuation technique consists of having assets and liabilities valued at the market rate. FME and DCF may also be used to determine the overall NTA valuation.
Other methods include future maintainable dividends, net realisable value, cost of creation and the industry rule of thumb.


What Sets Us Apart Regarding Expert Business Valuation

We provide exceptional business valuation services.

Cost of a Business Valuation • We have a highly experienced team: Our senior management team has more than 30 years of collective business analysis experience with advanced qualifications with CPA Australia and Masters of Forensic Accounting degrees. We understand that the true value of your business includes financial and non-financial data, which is why we offer a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary report.
• You can select a valuation package to suit your business requirements: We provide a comprehensive valuation service that includes a detailed report, financial statement analysis, industry analysis, risk considerations and more. This package includes our standard service and other business-specific options such as stocktake, real estate valuations, budgeting and forecast setting. You can also opt for our tailored solution to better suit your requirements.
• We provide accurate and efficient reports: Our fast and efficient service ensures that you promptly get the information you require. Our highly skilled team use their extensive training and a suite of in-house developed tools to provide you with a custom business valuation report that is accurate, insightful and easy to understand.
Our online services mean that you can receive a valuation for a business anywhere in Australia.


Why Trust Business Valuations Online Regarding Business Appraisals?

We provide comprehensive online valuation services for small to medium size companies. We have extensive business analysis and forensic accounting experience. Our highly skilled team will use up-to-date data to value your business as it is now and to determine future earnings. Our unique system is the only one worldwide and allows us to provide our clients with fast, efficient, accurate and easy to understand business valuations. We will also assess your business’s main risks and provide professional insight into how you can minimise them while increasing your overall value. Contact us to find out which valuation package will suit your requirements.