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Business owners, particularly in small to medium enterprises, tend to overlook a major component of their overall wealth - the value of the operation. Daily tasks consume the majority of your time, and you become inundated with operational issues around the company. However, there are occasions that require you to obtain a proper independent business valuation. You should understand the fair market value for your business or what the hypothetical buyer would pay for your operation. When this time comes, you need to find a trustworthy partner to handle the valuation for you, and Business Valuations Online offers this comprehensive service throughout Australia.

Benefits of an Independent Company Valuation

Independent Business Valuation

The majority of business owners seek a valuation when there’s an urgent request. However, an independent business valuation is handy whether you have a deal pending or not. It’s necessary for financial planning, retirement, estate planning, sale or purchase of the business, restructuring, or business strategy. These are the benefits of evaluating your company.

● Although daunting at first, it helps you to prepare for the worst. While you can’t expect death, it’s inevitable, and if it happens to a fellow owner, you don’t want to be scrambling for a valuation. A contentious divorce is another component that business owners don’t like to confront. However, having a valuation simplifies the process at the worst of times.
● If you’ve owned a business for a long time and now plan on exiting, you require an evaluation at least two years before your last day. Having this information early on ensures that all parties are happy with the decision when the time comes for you to retire. Other shareholders will have ample time in coming up with the funds to purchase your shares in time for your exit from the operation.
● Corporate companies require business evaluations as part of the shareholder agreement since it assists the owners or management keep track of their assets and the value of the business. The information you receive can provide very useful forecasts of where your operation will be in a few years in terms of its value. As such, you can make the necessary decisions to work towards the growth goal.

Why Trust Business Valuations Online with Your Independent Company Valuation

Independent Company Valuation

We have a highly skilled team of professionals, and our experience in the industry surpasses two decades.

● Our reports reflect a multi-disciplinary approach, where we analyse complex financial and non-financial data and finally provide comprehensive insight into your situation. Since our experience ranges over various businesses, we deliver jargon-free reports in easy-to-understand English.
● We collaborate with you and consider ourselves an extension of your operation. We don’t rely on computers to automatically generate reports; but instead, we depend on the minds of forensic accountants with years of training and skills; using software as a tool rather than the solution.
● We have various packages for business valuation and can customise them according to your requirements. Our basic report includes financial statement analysis, detailed industry analysis, risks and more.

About Business Valuations Online

With over 20 years of experience, collectively,  our team can handle anything and everything and we do it remotely, meaning the process is quick. For all enquiries, contact us if you’d like us to handle your business valuation.