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What does a business valuation cost?

What does a business valuation cost?

The cost of a business valuation in Australia can vary widely depending upon the firm providing it and the purpose of any report being produced. Generally, there are three types of valuation available:

  • Court based valuations (for commercial or family law matters to be used as evidence);
  • Full and limited scope valuations (suitable for restructuring, sales and purchases, tax purposes etc) ; and,
  • Valuation calculations (suitable for basic purposes only).

Often, a valuation needs to be procured for litigation (commercial or family law), and thus must also abide by the applicable “expert code of conduct” for whichever court jurisdiction it is being used in. This type of valuation usually starts at around $5,000 and can extend to well beyond $50,000.

Business Valuations Online provides limited scope valuations at a fixed fee of $2,499 plus GST along with our business valuation forecast dashboard that allows business owners to quickly and easily recalculate their valuation on the basis of making some hypothetical changes to the risks faced by the business, its annual income forecast, or the cost of operating the business.